Azur Lane Royal Fortune Will Form New Pirate Faction Tempesta

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The 18th-century pirate frigate Royal Fortune will appear in Azur Lane. The mobile game’s Japanese and English Twitter accounts introduced the new shipgirl, which will set up a new faction named Tempesta and add Sailing Frigate as a new ship type.

Commanders will be able to obtain Royal Fortune during the “Halloween Hijinks” event, which is slated to run around the 2022 Halloween season. This event will also add the World War II-era destroyer HMS Janus to the playable roster.

Despite having a similar name, there is no relation to the World War II-era F-class destroyer from the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, HMS Fortune. Royal Fortune was one of the most preferred ship names from Bartholomew Roberts, a famed Welsh pirate from the early 18th century. The final ship to receive the name Royal Fortune was a frigate originally named Onslow, which the pirate then outfitted with forty cannons. She was the flagship when Roberts fought his last battle at Cape Lopez in 1722.

While Azur Lane primarily features personifications of warships from World War II, the developers have occasionally added shipgirls from other periods. The cruiser Avrora and battleship Mikasa from the early 1900s Russo-Japanese War appeared within a year of the mobile game’s launch in 2017. The Spring 2022 event “Rondo at Rainbow’s End” added World War I-era ships from the German Empire.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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