Dead Space remake hides secret sea shanty Easter egg

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I was wandering around the USG Ishimura last night and found a creepy staff room, where a circle of candles were arranged in front of a TV screen showing the series’ infamous red Marker.

The room seemed ripe for a secret, so I began picking up the candles one by one with Stasis, throwing them to the floor – which also blew them out. Nothing happened.

This morning, I’ve seen others had more luck than I did at unlocking a special secret here – and that Dead Space remake developer Motive has a wonderful Easter egg hidden away for those who take the time to puzzle it out.

Digital Foundry examines the Dead Space remake.

Yes, this area features its own version of Wellerman, the catchy sea shanty which blew up on Tiktok last year and also got a Fortnite version.

How do you unlock this sea shanty in Dead Space? You’ll need to stand in the prayer circle, then stomp the floor and use your melee attack in a very specific rhythm.

Clues to this rhythm are hidden in several places across the Ishimura, fragmented with a mysterious wave symbol underneath. Join them together, as YouTuber Jester has in the video below… and this is what you’ll get:

Dead Space remake’s secret code Easter egg.

“There once was a ship from the CEC, the Ishimura USG, she cracked a moon with gravity, go me bully boys go…!”

Interested in seeing the Easter egg for yourself? Eurogamer has a handy Dead Space sea shanty guide.

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