Destiny 2: Where Is Xur Today? Location and Exotic Items

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The cloaky lad, Xûr, is now live in Destiny 2 for the weekend until next week’s reset. If you’re looking to get your some shiny new Exotic armor or weapons for your Guardian, look no further.

Each week, Xûr has a random assortment of Exotic armor, one for each Guardian class, as well as a random Exotic Weapon and an Exotic Engram available for purchase. In addition to his Exotic wares, he’s got a random collection of Legendary weapons and armor to deck out your Guardians.

We’ve rounded up all the info on Xûr for the week including where to find Xûr, which Exotic weapons and armor are available, as well as which Legendary weapons you should pick up, either for PvE or PvP.

Where Is Xûr This Weekend?

Xûr’s location today can be found at Watcher’s Grave on Nessus on May 20 through May 24. To reach him, travel to the landing point at Watcher’s Grave. When you arrive, make for the red moss-covered tree straight ahead. Climb up the roots and you’ll find Xûr waiting at the top to sell you exotic items and legendary weapons.

Xûr can be found atop the trees in Watcher's Grave on Nessus.

Xûr can be found atop the trees in Watcher’s Grave on Nessus.

What Is Xûr Selling This Weekend?

Xûr's Exotic offerings this weekend.

Xûr’s Exotic offerings this weekend.

Exotic Engram

Telesto – Exotic Fusion Rifle

Gemini Jester – Exotic Hunter Leg Armor

  • 16 Mobility
  • 14 Resilience
  • 2 Recovery
  • 2 Discipline
  • 24 Intellect
  • 2 Strength
  • Total: 60

Actium War Rig – Exotic Titan Chest Armor

  • 7 Mobility
  • 3 Resilience
  • 20 Recovery
  • 6 Discipline
  • 9 Intellect
  • 16 Strength
  • Total: 61

Verity’s Brow – Exotic Warlock Helmet

  • 16 Mobility
  • 7 Resilience
  • 9 Recovery
  • 19 Discipline
  • 2 Intellect
  • 7 Strength
  • Total: 60

Unfortunately, our Exotic armor offerings this week are a bit disappointing, but on the bright side Xur is selling Telesto, which single-handedly breaks the game ever season without fail and has broken the poor Bungie devs down to their rawest components to build them back in Telesto’s image. You should definitely buy it if you don’t have it yet.

Exotic Weapons

Each week Xûr sells Hawkmoon & Dead Man's Tale.

Each week Xûr sells Hawkmoon & Dead Man’s Tale.

Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon

  • Paracausal Shot
  • Smallbore
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Textured Grip

Dead Man’s Tale – Exotic Scout Rifle

  • Cranial Spike
  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • High-Caliber Rounds
  • Outlaw
  • Composite Stock

No God rolls for either of these weapons this week, but the Dead Man’s Tale on offer isn’t half bad (especially for PvP) and should do in a pinch. Unless you need one for collections though, we’ve seen better in the past and likely will again.

Legendary Weapons

Xûr's Legendary Weapon offerings this weekend.

Xûr’s Legendary Weapon offerings this weekend.

Long Shadow – Sniper Rifle

  • ATD Raptor/ATA Scout
  • Extended Mag/Flared Magwell
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Explosive Payload
  • Stability Masterwork

Seventh Seraph Saw – Machine Gun

  • Corkscrew Rifling/Polygonal Rifling
  • High-Caliber Rounds/Light Mag
  • Auto-Loading Holster
  • Vorpal Weapon
  • Reload Speed Masterwork

Seventh Seraph SI-2 – Sidearm

  • Chambered Compensator/Full Bore
  • Tactical Mag/Alloy Magazine
  • Hip-Fire Grip
  • Elemental Capacitor
  • Range Masterwork

Whispering Slab – Combat Bow

  • Flexible String/Polymer String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft/Helical Fletching
  • Quickdraw
  • Demolitionist
  • Accuracy Masterwork

Widow’s Bite – Sniper Rifle

  • Full Bore/Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • tactical Mag/Flared Magwell
  • Firmly Planted
  • Disruption Break
  • Range Masterwork

Royal Entry – Rocket Launcher

  • Countermass/Linear Compensator
  • High-Velocity Rounds/Impact Casing
  • Field Prep
  • Thresh
  • Velocity Masterwork

Eternal Blazon – Scout Rifle

  • Transmission MS7/Flash HS5
  • High-Caliber Rounds/Flared Magwell
  • Killing Wind
  • Unrelenting
  • Stablility Masterwork

No must-have God rolls this week, exactly, but the Eternal Blazon roll is almost as good as it gets with scout rifles, and arc scouts can be hard to come by, so scoop it up if you don’t have a good roll. Similarly, it can be hard to get ahold of a good machine gun and the Seventh Seraph Saw roll this week is actually not half bad. Grab that as well if you don’t have one.

Warlock Legendary Armor

For Warlocks, Xûr is selling the Holdfast set which includes:

Xûr's Legendary Armor for Warlocks this week.

Xûr’s Legendary Armor for Warlocks this week.

Holdfast Gloves

  • 22 Mobility
  • 9 Resilience
  • 2 Recovery
  • 2 Discipline
  • 12 Intellect
  • 19 Strength
  • Total: 66

Holdfast Chest Armor

  • 2 Mobility
  • 13 Resilience
  • 13 Recovery
  • 13 Discipline
  • 6 Intellect
  • 10 Strength
  • Total: 57

Holdfast Helmet

  • 19 Mobility
  • 2 Resilience
  • 12 Recovery
  • 18 Discipline
  • 7 Intellect
  • 7 Strength
  • Total: 65

Holdfast Leg Armor

  • 6 Mobility
  • 26 Resilience
  • 2 Recovery
  • 6 Discipline
  • 9 Intellect
  • 16 Strength
  • Total: 65

Holdfast Bond

We’ve got some pretty spikey Warlock rolls this week, including the helmet and leg armor, but the helmet above all else. That said, not a lot of these pieces go together super well, so hopefully one or two of them works with an existing build you’re crafting.

Titan Legendary Armor

For Titans, Xûr is selling the Holdfast set which includes:

Xûr's Legendary Armor for Titans this week.

Xûr’s Legendary Armor for Titans this week.

Holdfast Gauntlets

  • 14 Mobility
  • 9 Resilience
  • 9 Recovery
  • 8 Discipline
  • 6 Intellect
  • 17 Strength
  • Total: 63

Holdfast Chest Armor

  • 14 Mobility
  • 15 Resilience
  • 2 Recovery
  • 20 Discipline
  • 2 Intellect
  • 9 Strength
  • Total: 62

Holdfast Helmet

  • 14 Mobility
  • 9 Resilience
  • 6 Recovery
  • 11 Discipline
  • 18 Intellect
  • 2 Strength
  • Total: 60

Holdfast Leg Armor

  • 2 Mobility
  • 16 Resilience
  • 9 Recovery
  • 16 Discipline
  • 8 Intellect
  • 8 Strength
  • Total: 59

Holdfast Mark

My fellow Titans…we’ve been fleeced by The Nine this week! Fleeced, I say! There aren’t any really good pieces or armor this week. The gauntlets and the chest piece are just okay, but…we can probably save our legendary shards this week. Boo, Xur! Boo!

Hunter Legendary Armor

For Hunters, Xûr is selling the Holdfast set which includes:

Xûr's Legendary Armor for Hunters this week.

Xûr’s Legendary Armor for Hunters this week.

Holdfast Grips

  • 2 Mobility
  • 20 Resilience
  • 11 Recovery
  • 18 Discipline
  • 6 Intellect
  • 9 Strength
  • Total: 66

Holdfast Chest Armor

  • 17 Mobility
  • 6 Resilience
  • 7 Recovery
  • 9 Discipline
  • 12 Intellect
  • 12 Strength
  • Total: 63

Holdfast Helmet

  • 2 Mobility
  • 6 Resilience
  • 21 Recovery
  • 2 Discipline
  • 19 Intellect
  • 10 Strength
  • Total: 60

Holdfast Leg Armor

  • 9 Mobility
  • 7 Resilience
  • 14 Recovery
  • 2 Discipline
  • 21 Intellect
  • 6 Strength
  • Total: 59

Holdfast Cloak

The Hunters don’t have a ton this week, but what they do have is fantastic. Those gloves are insane and you should buy them. Might also consider the chest armor, but they’re certainly not at the same level as the gloves.

That’s a wrap on Xûr for this week, Guardians! Hope you’re all enjoying your adventures in the Witch Queen‘s throne world. Congrats to Warlocks for winning Guardian Games! It only took you three years!

For more on Destiny, check out some of the new weapons and gear you can find in The Witch Queen and read about how Sony’s purchase of Bungie fits into its larger plans.

Travis Northup is a writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @TieGuyTravis and read his games coverage here.

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