Everything We Know About Halo Infinite

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Zeta Halo is the most expansive world in the Halo franchise. Unlike past installments, which showcased linear routes that seldom led to larger, but enclosed, arenas, Infinite contains expansive hubs with their own ecosystems. That’s right, this is NOT an open-world game. However, we will be able to return to previously visited sectors to uncover mysteries or complete side quests.

You’ll sprint or drive around the map, killing Banished platoons and storming fortified points of interest like AA gun installations. According to 343, the world will be brimming with dynamic encounters, a night-day cycle, and weather effects that change the behaviors of the Banished. An upgrades tab in the 8-minute gameplay trailer indicates that Master Chief’s progression might be linked to his gear. World design lead John Mulkey spoke about his excitement for Halo’s campaign gameplay:

“I love the agency we are creating that really doubles down on that premise of delivering on the promise of Halo: CE. Enemy strongholds can be approached from any direction and there are so many options available for how you take on the challenges at hand. Do I blaze through the front gate in a Warthog full of Marines and just light the place up with zero subtlety? Do I scout the perimeter and discover a subterranean entrance that allows me to enter through one of the interior structures? Do I Grappleshot to a sniper tower, take out the inhabitant and begin picking off enemies from my raised vantage point?”

Sadly, you’ll have to wait to play through Infinite’s story with friends, as cooperative play won’t be available at launch. Nevertheless, 343 has stated that local split-screen is back. 

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