Evil Dead: The Game – Meet The Demons

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In Evil Dead: The Game, if you’re looking to play as the Demon, you have your work cut out for you. Taking on four players by yourself can be quite a task, but you have a plethora of wicked tools at your disposal. With traps, Deadites, and even possessing survivors, you can attempt to isolate and destroy your targets with precision. Each different Demon comes with a special kit that syncs up with various playstyles, so let’s take a look at the three core Demon templates you’ll have available to play with at launch. Each one of these kits can be leveled up at the account level, so you can push experience points into your favorite for added lethality and efficacy.

The first Demon, and the one I recommend to first-time evildoers, is the Warlord. This kit is really easy to understand – it’s all about power and buffs. Big Deadites that can withstand and dish out a ton of punishment fast. No frills and not at all subtle, the Warlord seeks to dominate the survivors with raw power. After dropping a few Deadites into the world, clever positioning and possession can swing a battle in your favor. The boss of the Warlord template is Henrietta, a hideous ghoul that can lock down a single survivor while destroying them, the perfect play to unleash after you’ve sown some confusion with traps or Deadites. Henrietta is excellent against bunched-up teams that are trying to capture an objective or reduce their fear through fire, able to land a destructive belly flop and unleash area-of-effect toxic gas. If you’re trying to learn how to play Demon, Warlord is probably the best place to start.

If you prefer a bit more finesse and planning to your demonic endeavors, Puppeteer is the Demon for you. During my demo, Puppeteer was my favorite, requiring a bit more setup than the others but delivering electrifying results. As a Puppeteer, you’re going to have to learn Deadite movesets quite intimately, and how to time them to disorient survivors when they are at their most vulnerable – much of your potency can hinge on possession. Your Deadites are a bit more fragile than other templates, but they have an interesting disable skill and crowd control abilities that can be devastating when used properly. Eligos is the boss unit of the Puppeteer, who you may recognize from the TV show, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Eligos has limited invisibility, allowing him to sneak around in battle, flitting around from survivor to survivor to wreak havoc. Once you’re comfortable with understanding how Demon play works, Puppeteer offers a satisfying high-skill ceiling to pursue.

Finally, there’s the Demon which will likely be the most popular due to the boss unit involved. The Necromancer utilizes skeletal Deadites (yep, it’s basically Army of Darkness) to crush opponents, led by a skeleton flautist. The flautists are vulnerable and don’t move, but provide a huge buff to other Deadites nearby, allowing you to cleverly manage an entire legion of buffed-up skeletons to tear the survivors apart. The boss of the Necromancer loadout is Evil Ash, naturally, so expect to see plenty of him running around, summoning skeletons, and life-leeching opponents to death

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