FFXIV Character Renaming Service Suspended Due to Server Congestion

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Square Enix has temporarily suspended renaming characters in Final Fantasy XIV due to the constant heavy load on the game’s servers. Since the early access launch of the Endwalker expansion, some players have been unable to access the game due to server crashes and congestion. Square Enix will notify players once it decides on a reopening date for the renaming service.

In an announcement post, Square Enix explained how the character renaming service works. When a player uses the Mog Station to rename their character, the renaming occurs when the character logs in.

However, FFXIV character renaming does not go into effect whenever servers are under heavy strain. As the game has been under heavy load since the start of early access, these changes have not gone into effect for some time. Because of this, it will temporarily suspend the ability to apply for name changes.

Additionally, Square Enix adjusted the number of players allowed to move between areas. This is due to the high network load caused in part by the large number of players moving simultaneously between areas. The company stated that this may cause instances in which players are unable to move. It also apologized for any inconvenience.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The Endwalker expansion is available via early access, and will officially launch on December 7, 2021. FFXIV character renaming will be suspended while server congestion continues. If you’re looking to get to Endwalker content as soon as possible, you can also check out how much it’ll cost here.

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