Final Fantasy 14 players are debating the best way to

build muscle

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Just in time for Easter, Square Enix is launching a Hatching-tide event in its MMORPG, but a certain emote is causing debate.

As part of the event, various items and minions will be available to collect, as well as an emote for eating an egg.

A picture of the emote shows a cute little Lalafell eating an egg, but the egg still has half the shell on. Which begs the question: how are you meant to eat a boiled egg?

“But why is the egg only half peeled?” asked Final Fantasy 14 streamer Aitai Kimochi, sharing an image of the emote on Twitter.

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Twitter user Mrhappy1227 ran a practical experiment (of sorts) and noted “this seems like an incredibly impractical way to eat an egg.

“Have to bite around the egg, can’t season it properly and the yolk might be too far in to really reach. All to use the shell as a cup.”

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Responses to both threads had fans questioning whether the egg was soft or hard boiled, if it’s soaked in soy, or whether Lalafell actually eats the shell. (Note: please do not eat the shell.)

Perhaps it’s also a reference to streamer Ross O’Donovan who went viral in 2020 for eating an inventory’s worth of eggs in the game.

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He’s aware of the new emote, saying “Don’t worry. I heard the news”. The official Final Fantasy 14 account even responded to him: “We didn’t know how to break it to you.”

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This isn’t even the first food debacle in the game. Last year, the launch of Endwalker had fans joking about its low-polygon grapes, which were sadly fixed in a later patch.

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And now I’m hungry.

Final Fantasy 14’s next patch, Newfound Adventure, is due out 12th April.

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