Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer says story changes were necessary

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Final Fantasy 7 director Yoshinori Kitase has commented on the nature of game remakes, explaining further why FF7 Remake diverges from the story of the original.

In an interview with VG247, Kitase – who’s producer on the Remake games – was asked about changing story elements without altering the impact of the original game.

“We approached the FF7 Remake project with the aim to make it something that could be enjoyed by both fans of the original game and people who did not know it,” said Kitase.


“I have also had experiences where a game that I loved and had a lot of fun with in the past was remade, and I bought it and played it out of the overwhelming nostalgia. It is enjoyable for a while, but the fun from that nostalgia only really lasts through the first sections. I realised this halfway through and didn’t carry on playing.

“Because of this, I decided that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would not just appeal to nostalgia, but would include a new story as well to feel both nostalgic and fresh at the same time.”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake makes a considerable number of changes to the plot of the original; some fans have even described it as more of a sequel than a remake.

It’s clear, too, that the story in future instalments will veer in new directions, something Kitase confirms.

“The result of [the changes] is that, for Part 2 and Part 3, we are able to give fans the excitement of wondering which parts will be 100 percent faithful to the original – and where the new elements will be added,” said Kitase.

The comments are also interesting in light of the recent remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, which made changes to the visuals and battle system but remained faithful to the original narrative. Then again, the PSP game was played by far fewer players so its remaster was more of a reintroduction than a new experience.

Kitase also commented on the legacy of both the original Final Fantasy 7 and Remake.

“The original Final Fantasy 7 has been loved by the fans for over 20 years, but I started to feel that I didn’t want it to finish up as something in an archive, and wanted to make it a title that continues to be loved for another 100 years to come,” he said. “That is what Final Fantasy 7 Remake is.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kitase discusses early concepts for the original game, the variety of ideas, and the shift from 2D to 3D.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set for release in winter 2023.

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