Modules and Jewel Alchemy Added For Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood

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It is the final week before the Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood Kickstarter closes, and the last Mechanics Monday gave us a look at Armed Fantasia‘s Modules and Penny Blood‘s Jewel Alchemy. As a reminder, major additions are only possible due to the games reaching their individual stretch goals. There are also some new stretch goals, both hidden and revealed.

armed fantasia penny blood

Armed Fantasia will have a Treasure Map mini-game, Battle Arena, and achievement system. You will use the Treasure Map’s hints in order to find hidden items, with some of them being ones that can help you in exploring the map. As for the Battle Arena, you can fight against stronger variants of monsters from the story. Some battles may put special conditions on you, though it is unknown what those conditions are. Finally, the achievement system shows statistics such as how much of the map you’ve explored. The higher your stats, the more rewards you can get.

There are also some new stretch goals for Armed Fantasia. Depending on how much money they get, we might see three more ARM types, Survival Battles, Prologue Chapters, and a Challenge Dungeon. The Prologue Chapters will feature playable dungeons and battles for each of the main trio. This will naturally extend the game’s overall play time.

In Armed Fantasia, you can purchase ARMs and Modules in Order-controlled shops. What Rank you or your team is will affect what ARMs you can purchase. You can customize an ARM using Modules, which will grant Command Skills, Reaction Skills, and Support Skills. Command Skills and Reaction Skills are limited to ARM types, whereas Support Skills are universal.

You can also fight Anomalies and sell materials from them to the Order so that they can develop new ARMs and Modules. If you avoid too many battles, you will miss out on the opportunity to equip higher grade ARMs. Each ARM has a Tuneup Point limit, and each Module has a Tuneup Point cost. The more powerful a Module’s skill, the more TP it costs. If you equip multiple Modules with the same skill, you can power up that skill.

As for Penny Blood, there will be a Lottery Ticket mini-game, Jewel Alchemy mechanic, and Ryounkaku Citadel Training Grounds (Pit Fights). The Lottery system will use the Psycho Sigil to win rare items. You will net pocket tissues as a consolation prize but if you give 30 of them to a certain character, you can get a rare item. Jewel Alchemy will be a power-up system unique to Emilia. The Penny Blood Kickstarter update includes a short story of her explaining Jewel Alchemy. The Pit Fights will be Penny Blood’s version of the Battle Arena.

The next stretch goals for Penny Blood include the Pedometer, Secret BOI Activity Records, The Golden Age of Jazz, and Punishment Squad: The Hellhounders. The Pedometer and Secret BOI Activity Records both focus on in-game statistics. Meanwhile, The Golden Age of Jazz will be a power-up mechanic unique to Roxane, and doubles as a musical mini-game. Punishment Squad: The Hellhounders will add a mode where you can play as the Hellhounders in their own story.

This Kickstarter update gives us our first look at Creidina, the Radiant Knight. She is a Light Fusion Monster for Matthew, and she represents his compassion and arrogance. There will also be a greyhound racing mini-game where you can bet on racers. You can also control Luca in his wolf form and actually participate in a race. The final update is a sneak peek at the Golgotha Asylum Underpass location.

Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood are in development for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Penny Blood will come out in Spring 2025.

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