Newest Uma Musume Banner Will Include Manhattan Cafe

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Manhattan Cafe will be the newest horse girl featured on the gacha banner Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. Her rate-up banner will run from October 20 to October 29, 2021. Manhattan Cafe will replace Kawakami Princess, who is the current rate-up horse girl on the banner.

In terms of her stats, Manhattan Cafe will specialize in long-distance races and excel on turf. She is also an off-pace horse, which means she will close the distance closer to the end of the race. Her unique skill “Chasing After You” also helps her with this. During the second half of the race, Manhattan Cafe will chase her “friend,” accelerating while decreasing the speed of the uma musume in front of her.

Though Manhattan Cafe will only enter the gacha now, she has appeared in multiple story events for other uma musume. For example, she plays a role in Agnes Tachyon’s URA Finals story. She has also appeared as a support card. Speaking of support cards, Nakayama Festa and Sirius Symboli will also have a rate-up on the support gacha.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is available on mobile devices and Windows PC through the DMM launcher. During WonHobby 34, Good Smile Company announced 1/7 figures, figma, and Nendoroids of characters such as Daiwa Scarlet and Gold Ship.

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