Persona 5 Pop Up Parade Queen and Oracle Figures Revealed

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Good Smile Company’s Pop Up Parade figure line is getting some more Persona 5 attention. The previously released Joker and Crow figures are joined by two female members of the Phantom Thieves: Queen and Oracle. The figures, originally announced in 2021, are now available for pre-order. They will come to Japan in June 2022 and North America in August 2022.

Both the Queen and Oracle Persona 5 Pop Up Parade figures cost ¥3,900/$38.99 each. As with other figures in the line, they stand at about 17 centimeters (about 6.7 inches) tall. Queen and Oracle both wear their Phantom Thief outfits, as seen in Persona 5. They aren’t to scale.

Queen is the Phantom Thief codename for Makoto Niijima, Queen’s Phantom Thief outfit features a form-fitting suit with leather corsetry and leggings. Metal studs and spikes cover the shoulders and line the boots, as well as Queen’s signature fighting knuckles. A metal facemask and long black scarf hide her identity.

As a non-combat character Oracle isn’t seen very often in her outfit, but it appears as it does in Persona 5. Oracle’s bodysuit is accented by glowing neon contours. Her cargo pants carry various electronics and gadgets, and night vision goggles help her navigate the other Phantom Thieves through hostile Palaces.

Besides Persona 5, Pop Up Parade features a variety of popular characters, like Hololive Vtubers. With a stand included, the line is targeted at budget-conscious collectors. They also have a shorter lead time compared to other items in Good Smile Company’s lineup. Pop Up Parade figures are typically released within four months of pre-orders closing.

The Persona 5 Queen and Oracle Pop Up Parade figures are open for pre-order from January 21, 2022 until February 17, 2022. Persona 5 is available on the PS3 and PS4, while Persona 5 Royal is on the PS4.

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