Pre-registration for Sokubaku Kareshi Otome Game Open

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Sony Music Solutions has opened pre-registrations for Sokubaku Kareshi on the Japanese App Store and Google Play Store. This upcoming mobile game will feature a romance simulation with an AI-controlled boyfriend. The Japanese title can be translated to “Restraining Boyfriend,” as it will literally restrain the player by having them interact a lot with the AI character. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Sony Music previously released the fictional 29 years-old pediatrician Aki Shindo as an interactive AI account on Twitter in early spring 2021. It will add the 27 years-old engineer Gen Matsurai as another selectable candidate in the upcoming mobile game. Kikunosuke Toya and Taku Yashiro will respectively voice the characters.

The app’s AI engine will have a feature to remember the user’s characteristics through live chats. For example, it can ask about the user’s regular wake-up time and then use it to send morning chats around the specified time.

Players can also unlock a Pet Camera after progressing far enough in the storyline. It will let them take a look at the virtual character’s daily life. The AI character will emulate real humans in neglecting chats occasionally due to dozing off or forgetting to bring their phones.

Sokubaku Kareshi will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices in Winter 2021 in Japan.

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