Which Pokemon Needs a Hisuian Form?

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases later this month, bringing a new adventure in the ancient Sinnoh region, Hisui. Which Pokemon do you think most needs a Hisuian form? Sound off in the comments. Here are our picks!

Say it with me now. Ready?

Dunsparce deserves better. This poor Pokemon needs something. Give it a Hisuian form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Or let its normal form stay the same, but then give it an evolved form only available in Hisui.

Just… look at our poor little buddy. Give it a chance, Game Freak? — Jenni

hisuian form porygon dunsparcehisuian form porygon dunsparce

Okay, I’m not saying this is a good idea or that Game Freak should do it, but the thought occurred to me and now I can’t get it out of my head.

Hisuian Porygon.

What would that even be? This is the past and Porygon is digital. I feel like this would speak so much to the lore of the world. Is it in some electric wavelength form? A more nebulous Electric/Normal Porygon that hasn’t been properly brought together would be cool. Is its Hisuian form instead made of the communication medium of the time, papyrus? Because then it could be origami and that would be cute. Porygami? I just said Porygami out loud and I think that could happen.

It makes for a fascinating thought experiment, regardless. — Graham

hisuian form scyther bisharphisuian form scyther bisharp

Most of the Hisuian forms shown shown so far are of mammalian or avian types of Pokemon. I wanna see the Hisuian bugs. Given the whole vibe of the game evokes a wilder “untamed” vision of pre-settlement Sinnoh, how crazy would the many bug-like Pokemon have to be to latch onto that aesthetic? For that matter, I don’t think there have been any bug-type regional variations to date, so having the first be Hisuian would be a step forward on that front. I’d like to see Hisuian Scyther, personally. — Josh

Since they have been adding Hisuian forms of 5th generation Pokemon like Braviary and Zoroark, I am now thinking of another line from the same generation that may have new cool forms in the region. I have a soft spot for Pawniard and Bisharp ever since they debuted in Black and White. I’d imagine that if both of them appear in Hisui, they could get new forms inspired by samurai armors. — Kite

What Pokemon do you think most deserves a Hisuian form? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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