Chained Echoes reverberate on Switch Dec

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JRPG fans have had their eye on solo developer Matthias Linda’s Chained Echoes for quite some time now, and the pixel-perfect game has finally come into view. Deck13 Spotlight has announced the story-driven epic will be released digitally on December 8th, followed by a physical release in summer 2023.

Matthias has taken seven years to craft Chained Echoes, an all-encompassing JRPG inspired by games from the SNES and PSXZ era. In it, players journey across the continent of Valandis, a country maintaining a fragile peace after centuries of war. Rumors of a weapon of mass destruction threaten to launch a new war, so a group of strangers must come together to prevent this from happening.

That, of course, is just the setup. As for the gameplay:

Chained Echoes is packed; featuring magic, mechs, swords, boss fights, turn-based combat, a complex story and roughly 40 hours of content. While being a turn-based game, the Overdrive Combat System ensures that the fights are fast-paced while still offering massive tactical depth. Creatively tune the skillset of your party and slay even the most vicious foes like a whirlwind!

In Chained Echoes, medieval Fantasy meets modern Steampunk, so get ready for both sword duels and mech fights! An incredible, carefully crafted world awaits, filled with otherworldly creatures, multiple nations of humans and humanoid races, brimming with individual lore and culture for the player to dig into. In the wild, Valandis’ varied environments are a true paradise for adventurers, each with their unique look and special challenges, menacing bosses and exciting secrets!

The trailer above shows all of this in detail while also highlighting the stunning pixel-based visuals created by Matthias.

Chained Echoes will be available for $24.99 in the Nintendo eShop on December 8th. If you prefer to also get your hands on the physical copy next summer, preorders are now open. First Press Games is offering a premium physical edition with different variants of included goodies and merch.

Esoundsignal’s Original Soundtrack as a 2CD release is also on offer separately.

For more information on Chained Echoes, visit .

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