Long-Awaited ‘Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition’ Is Finally Out Digitally Today

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BR: Enhanced EditionImage: Nightdive Studios

Update: Thu 23rd June, 11:45 BST: It’s finally here! Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has launched digitally for the Nintendo Switch, ending the long wait since the game’s original planned launch back in 2020.

Now, depending on your region, the game might not quite be live on the eShop just yet, but keep an eye on it over the course of the next few hours and it’ll be ready for purchasing in due time.

Remember, if you’re looking to bag a physical copy of the game, then pre-orders go live on Limited Run Games’ website tomorrow. You can also opt for the Collector’s Edition or the Ultimate Edition if you’re feeling rather decadent.

We’re hoping to have a review of the game soon, but chances are that if you’re a fan of Blade Runner, you’ll be snapping this one up regardless!

Original Article: Tue 7th June, 10:30 BST:

After its initial announcement back in March 2020, excitement for Nightdive Studios’ Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition fizzled out when the game was delayed indefinitely later that same year.

Now, over two years later, the game finally looks to be near release, with Limited Run Games announcing a physical edition of the title. Pre-orders will open on June 24th at a price of $34.99. Limited Run’s announcement via Twitter mentions both Classic and Ultimate editions of the game, but currently the website only displays the standard version.

Here’s some info on the game from Limited Run’s official site:

Westwood Studios, the company that brought Real- Time to strategy games with Command & Conquer, brings Real-Time to adventure games with the science fiction classic, Blade Runner.
Armed with your investigative skills and the tools of the Blade Runner trade, you’ll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with breakthrough lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive will be put to the test in the richest game environment ever

– Immerse yourself in the dark, gritty world of Los Angeles 2019, where you become both the hunter and the hunted

– Explore over 100 interactive environments including sets from Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie.

– Take part in a non-linear story that creates a unique experience every time you play.

– Interact with over 70 motion-captured characters, all with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their own agendas

– Stunning visuals, as well as atmospheric smoke, fog, fire and rain that affect your character in Real-Time

– Recognize the Hollywood cast from the original film including Sean Young, James Hong, Joe Turkel, Brion James, and William Sanderson.

– Listen to the ambient, multi-track audio and hear the music which includes specially recreated cuts from the original Blade Runner soundtrack.

– Step into the role of a Blade Runner by utilizing the ESPER photo analysis machine, administering the Voigt-Kampff replicant detection test, flying in a police Spinner and analyzing clues with your Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA)

Images: Nightdive Studios

We’ll update this post when pre-orders go live so you fine people don’t miss out!

Your reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention; answer as fast as you can. Will you be picking up Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition from Limited Run? Let us know!

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