Fortnite Creative is flexible enough to make a convincing tribute

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First spotted by our peers at PCGamesN (opens in new tab), a user by the name of FluxCapacimoose has created a tribute to Bioshock’s underwater utopian experiment Rapture (opens in new tab) in Fortnite Creative, and the result is pretty impressive.

Flux has uploaded a video walkthrough of their creation, and you can also try it out yourself in Fortnite with the code 3885-0261-7529. I really appreciate the skin Flux opted for in their walkthrough⁠—a vintage diver suit reminiscent of the Big Daddies⁠—and I’m genuinely shocked at how well they nailed the Rapture vibe with Fortnite Creative’s restrictions.

Everything’s suitably deco and the lighting especially is spot-on: deep sea bluish-green from outside contrasting nicely with the warm and sumptuous interiors. Fortnite’s own goofy adverts do a good job of standing in for Bioshock’s kitschy alt-history marketing, and Flux even mimicked the classic Andrew Ryan banner tableau with a more generic Greco-Roman bust.

You can find just about every media property under the sun recreated in Fortnite, though I’ll gladly take a fun fan DIY project over an official Subject Delta season pass skin. I’ve just received a cursed premonition of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth skins with a paired “patricide” emote. Oh, uh, spoilers for the worst Bioshock game I guess.

FluxCapacimoose has a selection of other Fortnite Creative maps showcased on their channel, including a few for Goldeneye (opens in new tab) and a fantastic Ghostbusters (opens in new tab) tribute.

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