GTA Online Halloween event: Judgement Day mode and rewards

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GTA Online’s Halloween event is back for another year and you can grab some suitably ghoulish goodies over the next few weeks. Between the return of three unique Halloween vehicles, a handful of cosmetic items, and a spooky Judgement Day Adversary mode, you’ll soon get into the spirit of the season.

The Halloween event started on October 6, so you can jump in now to reap the rewards, and it runs until November 1, 2022. It’s likely that Rockstar will add more Halloween-themed items in the next few weeks too, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime though, here’s what’s currently included in the GTA Online Halloween event.

GTA Online Judgement Day Adversary mode 

This new mode pits a team of Riders against a team of Hunted. Riders start each round on an LCC Sanctus motorcycle and have a double-barrel shotgun and a Stone Hatchet at their disposal.  The Hunted, on the other hand, need to survive as long as they can, playing a terrifying game of hide-and-seek with their pursuers. Riders also gain additional abilities when near their vehicle, such as a brief heartbeat sensor, thermal vision, and health regeneration.

To keep things a little fairer, the Hunted can pick up weapons that Riders don’t have access to. If the Hunted can survive until dawn, they will win. It’s worth noting that the only way to revive a Hunted teammate is to take out a Rider, though Riders will respawn automatically when taken out. The only exception to this is during the final minute when nobody will be able to respawn or be revived.

During the first week, you can earn double GTA$ and RP for taking part in Judgement Day and you’ll nab a GTA$300,000 bonus if you manage to win three rounds.

GTA Online Halloween

(Image credit: Rockstar)

What GTA Online Halloween vehicles are available 

It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t have the best set of wheels to cruise around in during the spooky season and GTA 5’s 2022 event is no exception. Three Halloween vehicles have returned to San Andreas and you can find them listed below, along with their prices: 

  • Albany Franken Stange: $550,000
  • Albany Lurcher: $650,000
  • LLC Sanctus motorcycle: $1,995,000

Each of these vehicles can be bought from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website until November 1. 

GTA Online Halloween

(Image credit: Rockstar)

GTA Online: Take a Short Trip and claim the Gray Vintage Frank Mask 

It’s time to team up with a friend and complete one of the Short Trip side missions. These are co-op missions and you can find them on the Jobs Menu—and no, you no longer need to complete The Contract to gain access to them. Head to Play Job > Rockstar Created > Missions to find them.

Completing one of the Short Trip missions before October 13 will net you the Gray Vintage Frank Mask.

How to claim the Halloween War Mask and GTA+ subscriber goodies 

The GTA Online Halloween War Mask is free to anyone that logs into the game before October 13, so you haven’t got long. Once you’ve logged in, look for the notification which should confirm that the item has been delivered to your collection.

Additionally, GTA+ subscribers will be able to claim the Gray Cracked Puppet Mask, Grimy Stitched Mask, the Pumpkin Hoodie, and the Mummy Outfit if you log in at any time before the event ends on November 1.

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