Capcom Abandoned Dino Crisis Trademark for Online Multiplayer Game

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Back in January 2020, Capcom filed for a trademark for an online multiplayer game in the Dino Crisis franchise. However, as noticed by Twisted Voxel, that Dino Crisis trademark was abandoned earlier this year as Capcom failed to present a Statement of Use.

The trademark was for an online video game in the Dino Crisis franchise that also included the possibility of an online multiplayer game on mobile and other handheld devices, as well as setting up a website. Despite only just being spotted, the trademark was abandoned in August. Capcom had applied for several extensions to the trademark but had still failed to present any evidence they had started to use the trademark, such as promotional material, packaging or even a game itself. Whatever their original intentions were, they obviously never came to fruition.

The good news is that there is still an older trademark, originally filed back in 1999 just three months before the release of Dino Crisis on Playstation. This trademark was updated as recently as November when it was renewed for another ten years. They also applied for another trademark in Japan back in 2019. While Capcom is still thinking about the franchise, the trademarks could also just be a case of the publisher protecting its IP from others.

Rumors of a new Dino Crisis title or even a remake have been floating around for a while. Hopes were dashed early in 2020 when a renowned leaker claimed a Dino Crisis game had been in development several years prior but had since been canceled. He considered the franchise to be extinct at the time, although the now-abandoned trademark submitted just a month earlier suggests otherwise. Despite this, there was no mention of Dino Crisis in the large GeForce Now internal database leak in September despite the appearance of other potential Capcom titles like Monster Hunter 6 and Dragon’s Dogma 2. Fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed for now.

[Source: Justia Trademarks (1, 2) via Twisted Voxel]

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