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The key to victory in this 4v4 competitive platformer is strategy. There are strategic advantages throughout the game from gameplay, to hero roles, powers, and more. 

To celebrate the start of Crash Team Rumble’s Closed Beta – here are some tips and tricks that can give you a leg up on the competition to lead your team victory:

Boosts are stackable depending on what map you’re on

  • Gem pads boost your score, but there is huge boost potential by capturing all of the gem pad clusters on one map. 
  • Pro Tip: Be sure you and your team collects and banks as much Wumpa as possible while the boost is active, to fully benefit from the boost. 

Fighting is only a means to an end: scoring is what counts

  • The name of the game is scoring – so defense is just as important as offense.
  • Victory is a much harder task without a blocker. The blocker’s main goal is to prevent the other team from scoring at their Wumpa bank. How can a team win if they can’t bank their Wumpa?!
  • Pro Tip: The Gasmoxian Guard is a blocker’s best friend. Blocker’s should have their Gasmoxian Guard set up camp at the other team’s Wumpa bank, making it extremely difficult for the other team to score. 

Relic Stations can swing the match

  • If a game is close, the Relic Station can make all the difference – rolling over enemies, catapulting around a map, and more. 
  • Pro Tip: Collect as many relics as possible early to use on epic stations for game changing results later in the match when it becomes more crucial.

Use the whole map

  • Don’t be afraid to explore and see what’s available in all of the corners of the map.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t forget to explore the map vertically. Check out the views from a higher point, you never know, you may find a new way to help your team from a bird’s eye perspective.

Your hero’s powers matter

  • Specific powers can take roles to the next level, choose wisely. Some powers are meant to compliment a hero – ie. golden Wumpa for a scorer, Gasmoxian Guard for a blocker, etc.
  • Pro Tip: Placement of a power can make all the difference, be strategic.

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