Fans Lament GTA Trilogy PS5, PS4 Secrecy

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GTA Trilogy releases this week, and is available to pre-order and pre-load from the PS Store right now. For as undeniably exciting as that is, though, fans have started to feel a little restless: outside of a single 60 second trailer and a dozen or so screenshots, Rockstar has yet to communicate, well, anything else about this compilation.

Indeed, we’re still waiting for confirmation of the game’s soundtracks, which have historically had songs removed from the PS2 versions. There’s also debate over whether a native PS5 edition even exists – some of the language on the PS Store seems to imply the new-gen release is actually utilising backwards compatibility – and the label’s not been abundantly clear about how the new control scheme will work.

We’re also waiting on more robust information regarding the titles’ quality of life improvements: we know that it’ll be possible to immediately restart missions, but have checkpoints been added along the way? All of these question marks have prompted plenty of head scratching from forum posters, who had anticipated seeing more of the package in motion by now.

It’s not massively uncommon for Rockstar to do this, of course – we recall first seeing GTA 4 gameplay the day we put the Blu-ray inside our PS3 – but considering this is a compilation of remasters, many had expected the company to be a little more transparent in the days leading up to release. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings, but all will be revealed on 11th November regardless.

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