Former Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Sega Devs Announce New Studio

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A team of veteran game developers who’ve previously worked for companies like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Sega, have announced New Tales – a publisher and development studio based in Paris.

With careers spanning an average of two decades, New Tales founders have worked on high-profile franchises including Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

What’s New Tales working on?

New Tales is currently building its development capabilities to produce its own IPs so it doesn’t seem to have anything in active development. However, it has already begun partnering with other developers to publish their games. According to New Tales’ president and CEO Cedric Marechal, the games industry is seeing a rapid increase in new releases, with many developers looking for publishing support. New Tales aims to be a “one-stop-shop publishing solution where we’re going to work with developers, as one united team, dedicated to maximizing success.”

Who New Tales is comprised of

Marechal previously worked as international senior vice president of Activision Blizzard, and so did chief operating officer Benoit Dufour. Its senior adviser of game development, Julia Humphreys, previously oversaw Overwatch production at Blizzard Entertainment. The rest of its team includes experienced developers from Vivendi, LucasArts, Sega, and Sierra.

Opinion: New Tales will need to shed Activision Blizzard’s culture

Zarmena writes… Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft have both been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past year or so. Both companies have been plagued with accusations of workplace misconduct and anyone who claims to have served decades with either of the two employers will inevitably need to prove that they’re not carrying that toxicity over should they wish to attract talent.

In other news, Uncharted PS5 collection allows players to transfer their save and trophy data over from PS4, and Elden Ring is designed to maintain FromSoftware’s trademark difficulty while simultaneously being less stressful than the Souls games.

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