Kingdom Hearts Hotel Treasure Box Secret Item Meaning

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To celebrate Kingdom Hearts‘ 20th anniversary, Disney has created a themed hotel room at the Tokyo Disney Resort with a secret. Inside the room is a treasure chest that has “something special” for fans. Since visitors have been able to stay in the room since January 6, it was only a matter of time before the item was revealed. However, its meaning is causing a bit of confusion amongst fans of the franchise.

What is the special item?

Photos of the item are embargoed until April 28 when the hotel event has ended, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter user @aitaikimochi from posting a description of the keyblade that can be found in the treasure chest. The Oathkeeper keyblade is almost an exact replica of its in-game counterpart although there’s one difference: the keyblade has a blue paopu fruit instead of a yellow paopu fruit.

Fans are now wondering whether this has some sort of hidden meaning that is due to be revealed in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event on April 10. Creator Tetsuya Nomura is known for hiding little clues and easter eggs in the weirdest of places, which means this isn’t as strange a theory as it sounds.

As seen in the image above, the Oblivion keyblade also plays an important part in the hotel room as it’s the actual key to open the door. Unlike Oathkeeper, this keyblade is an exact replica and there’s no embargo on posting its image. Those who are curious about the hotel room itself should check out the full Twitter thread for more photos and videos.

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