PS Plus’ PS5, PS4 Games for January 2022 Announced

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January 2022’s PS Plus games have been officially revealed, and it’s safe to say that Sony is starting the year off with a bang. As is becoming the natural order of things, this is the same lineup that was leaked one week ago.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Again, it’s a strong selection — at least in our humble opinion. DIRT 5 is a rock solid racer, and Persona 5 Strikers is an especially stylish action RPG. Given that it’s a new release, we’ll have to wait and see how Deep Rock Galactic holds up (it does have space dwarves, to be fair) — but even if it turns out to be a bust, we’re still looking at one of the best months for PS Plus in quite some time.

In our DIRT 5 review, we described the racer as “raucous”, and awarded it an overall score of 8/10: “If you’ve just got yourself a PS5, don’t sleep on DIRT 5. It brings bombastic, arcadey racing to the console’s launch lineup, giving you something totally different to play alongside the heavy hitters. Although the haptic feedback implementation is basic and one or two visual bugs remain, the core experience is seriously fun, and well worth checking out if you like driving sideways.”

We were similarly impressed in our Persona 5 Strikers review, calling it a must-play for fans of essential JRPG Persona 5: “Persona 5 Strikers is a fantastic follow up to a beloved JRPG, carving out its own identity with an excellent action-based combat system. It presents the perfect excuse to hang out with the Phantom Thieves one last time, and does a great job of building upon the established characters and themes of its predecessor. While we doubt that Strikers will be remembered anywhere near as fondly as Persona 5, the game goes beyond expectations to provide a classy companion piece. A must-buy for existing fans.”

All three games will be available to download from Tuesday, 4th January.

That’s nine consecutive months of correct PS Plus leaks, by the way. We might finally see this run come to an end when Sony combines PS Plus and PS Now into one subscription service — heavily rumoured to be happening in early 2022 — but right now, it doesn’t look like the leaks are going anywhere.

What do you think of January 2022’s PS Plus games? Pretend to be surprised in the comments section below.

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