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Reuploading this video because the original VideoGameMusicPlaylists channel was deleted.

I plan to continue the videos that were started by this channel, so if you have any suggestions for songs in future videos please let me know!

0:00 Kingdom Hearts, Main Menu
2:16 Animal Crossing, K.K. Soul
4:29 A Link to the Past, Name Entry
5:54 Mario 64, Inside the Castle Walls
7:51 Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, Grape Garden
12:20 Star Ocean 2, Theme of Rena (Music Box)
15:01 Gran Turismo 4, A Million Miles Away
19:18 MapleStory, Temple of Time
21:33 Final Fantasy X, Tidus
24:49 Wind Waker, Title Theme
26:48 Pokemon B/W, Accumula Town
28:18 Mario Kart 64, Frappe Snowland (Remix by Joshua Morse)
31:34 Okami, Shinshu Field
35:29 Final Fantasy VIII, Julia
37:54 Ocarina of Time, Forest Temple (Remix by Outsetinitiative)
41:35 Mario 64, Dire, Dire Docks
44:38 Mafia, Hoboken
47:54 Sly Cooper, Back Alley Heist
49:31 Super Mario Bros. 3, World Map 1
51:25 Animal Crossing CF, Main Menu
53:40 Dragon Quest III, Village
57:24 Dark Cloud, Memories
1:01:15 MapleStory, Raindrop Flower
1:03:16 DK Country 2, Stickerbrush Symphony
1:07:39 Nintendogs, Main Theme
1:10:03 Jak & Daxter, Sentinel Beach
1:13:06 Final Fantasy VIII, Breezy
1:15:46 Star Wars KOTOR, Dantooine
1:17:06 Ocarina of Time, Sheik’s Theme
1:20:59 Pokemon B/W, Nuvema Town
1:22:49 Mario Part 4, Toad’s Midway Madness
1:25:47 Rayman M/Arena, Rise and Shine
1:27:30 Diablo 3, New Tristram
1:31:32 Super Mario Bros. 3, Athletic (Cover by The Team Players)
1:33:14 Wind Waker, Inside a House
1:35:07 Banjo-Kazooie, Treasure Trove Cove
1:37:59 Toy Story 2 VG, Menu Screen
1:39:54 Mario Kart DS, DK Pass
1:41:55 Grandia, The Sandy Beach of Ganbo
1:47:37 Super Mario Kart SNES, Vanilla Lake
1:50:31 Final Fantasy VII, Flowers Blooming in the Church
1:54:25 Kingdom Hearts 2, Twilight Town
1:57:39 Lost Odyssey, Saman-Town of Merchants
1:59:49 Mario Sunshine, Gelato Beach
2:02:56 Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, Aqua Area
2:05:44 Mario Party 3, Woody Woods
2:08:08 Blinx the Time Sweeper, Hourglass Caves
2:11:30 Smash Bros. Brawl, Subspace Emissary (Desert)
2:14:00 Okami, Prologue
2:17:17 DK Country, Aquatic Ambiance
2:20:41 Starfox Adventures, Thorntail Hollow
2:23:16 Super Mario RPG, Medley by Dr. Fruitcake
2:28:12 Sly Cooper 2, Paris
2:31:19 Skyrim, Far Horizons
2:36:34 Animal Crossing, Stale Cupcakes
2:39:03 Ocarina of Time, End Credits


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