Celebrating Six Years of Rock Band 4

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Yowza. Six years. In some respects, six years is a blink of an eye. In other respects, it’s an eternity. The world has changed quite a bit since 2015 and, when you consider the incredible churn of the last two years, it can be hard to remember what 2015 was even like. And yet, a lot of the aspects of Rock Band culture from 2015 are alive and well today. We’re still releasing weekly DLC, we’re starting up our 24th (!!) season of Rock Band Rivals on November 4, and the Rock Band community is still a vibrant collection of music lovers from all over the world. 

Birthday Presents

As we ponder what it means for a video game franchise to turn six, we turn to tradition. As we have always done for Rock Band birthdays, we *give* presents, not get them. This year, we are offering a free pack of 4 amazing songs as well as a wicked cool in-game tee-shirt to commemorate the occasion. 

Rock Band 4Rock Band 4

For the full scoop on the songs, check out the RB Blog. We hope you like them.

We’ve Got You Covered

In the break between Season 23 and Season 24, we have a one-week Bonus challenge running from October 14 through 19. We’ll be focusing on the fine art of the cover song — an opportunity for artists to reimagine and reinterpret familiar songs. We’ll have some great DLC for release this week that meets the theme as well as a bunch of super fun covers from our DLC catalog to fill out the challenge.  

The Beat Goes On

Season 24 will be themed around a community driven Rock Band meme that we see with many DLC releases where passionate members of the community will scream, “What!? I thought this was Rock Band, not Metal Band!”(or whatever genre they are cranky about as it relates to that week’s DLC release). The season starts Halloween week so be on the lookout for a Boo or two. I promise that, when all is said and done, our allegiance to the world of Rock will be on full display.

I don’t want to spoil the Reward but if you think about what we’ve given out the last two seasons, I bet you can guess.

Rock Band 4Rock Band 4

Let’s Keep the Party Going

The Rock Band Team is super excited about the future of the franchise and we remain committed to bringing the greater community fun new songs and doing whatever we can to serve our passionate music gaming aficionados.

Rock Band™ 4 Rivals BundleRock Band™ 4 Rivals Bundle Xbox LiveXbox Live

Rock Band™ 4 Rivals Bundle

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.



The full Rock Band™ 4 experience; this bundle includes Rock Band 4 and the Rivals Expansion, giving you access to the full feature set of the best, most fully featured music game on the market today. The Rivals Bundle includes over 100 songs and a ton of features, including the following and more: -Online play: move the party online with matchmaking, public or private sessions, tools to maximize your DLC overlap and more! -Rivals mode: Band together with friends across the globe to compete in this online multiplayer stats battle. Join Crews to prove your skill and crush your rivals. -Rockudrama: An all new campaign mode telling the story of YOUR band’s triumph over adversity in the world’s first playable music documentary. -Character creator with hundreds of customization options to perfect your look -Access to future updates and songs exclusive to the Rivals community -Pick up and play with a wide variety of supported USB mics or use compatible guitar and drum controllers for the full Rock Band experience. Note: If you have Xbox 360 wireless music gaming controllers then you MUST purchase the “Rock Band 4 – Legacy Game Controller Adapter for Xbox One” (sold separately, while supplies last). This offer does NOT include music gaming controllers or a USB microphone. Use of Rock Band 4 is subject to our Privacy Policy located at www.harmonixmusic.com/privacy .

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