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The humble brick breaker; chances are that most game developers will have created some form of a brick breaker during their career. The simplicity of them is only overshadowed by their fun. And the developers at EntwicklerX clearly must be enjoying creating them, as Radon Break isn’t their first brick breaker. Find out how this one fares as Radon Break launches today on Xbox.

The sequel to Radon Blast, Radon Break looks to be a more traditional brick breaker. Radon Blast had the novel idea of removing the barrier at the top/right of the screen, meaning levels joined together to form essentially one massive trail. This time around, Radon Break re-introduces the barrier. At first, this may sound like a backwards step. We are hoping though that it means the brick breaking is much more refined.

Not to put Radon Break on the back foot, but it comes only a few months after the release of Breakout: Recharged, a revamped version of the grandaddy of brick breakers. Hard to believe but even in the 21st century, the brick breaker scene is alive and well with some stiff competition.

Radon Break still features all the other stuff you would expect from a brick breaker: powerups, fun level designs, highscores and more. Those powerups include speed increases/decreases, power balls, multiballs and paddle resizers. Also included are 40 random stages, a chiptune soundtrack and a level skip feature if things get tricky.

Available to download now, Radon Break is on the Xbox Store priced at £5.79. Our review will be coming soon to answer all your questions, so stay tuned.

Game description

Radon Break is a classic Brick Breaker style game. Break bricks by using the ball. Get items like speed, ball splitter and paddle resize to make the game more challenging. Some specials like gun, power ball or block wall helps you while playing your game. Radon Blast is full packed with randomly sorted stages. Jump from stage to stage, collect bonus items for a better higher score.

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