The Game Awards 2022: Big Winners, World Exclusive Reveals, and

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Earlier tonight, the creative and technical excellence of the video game industry was on full display during The Game Awards. Hosted by Geoff Keighley and featuring guest presenters like Al Pacino, Rahul Kohli, Halsey, Keegan-Michael Key, and many others, it proved to be an exciting event where we were all able to take a moment and celebrate all thing gaming.

This evening’s show honored a unique group of game developers, celebrated players, and recognized excellence with many awards being handed out in categories like Game of the Year, Best Sim/Strategy Game, Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Sports/Racing Game, and others. Xbox is grateful to have had As Dusk Falls winning for Games for Impact and nominated for Innovation in Accessibility, and Starfield for Most Anticipated Game. You can see the full list of winners and nominees here on the official site for The Game Awards.

16 of this evening’s nominees are playable right now with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Here’s a complete list you play today!

  • As Dusk Falls
    Nominated: Games for Impact [Winner], Innovation in Accessibility
  • Immortality
    Nominated: Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Performance (Manon Gage)
  • Norco
    Nominated: Best Debut Indie
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
    Nominated: Game of the Year, Best Performance (Charlotte McBurney), Best Action/Adventure
  • Scorn
    Nominated: Best Art Direction
  • Tunic
    Nominated: Best Indie, Best Action/Adventure, Best Debut Indie

It was also an exciting night of news and reveals of upcoming games that are coming in 2023 and beyond. Below is a recap of some of the most notable news to come out of tonight’s show:

The Force is strong in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor with explosive new trailer
We were treated to an explosive new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Survivor tonight at The Game Awards, along with the confirmation that Cal Kestis will return March 17, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S! Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members can catch up on Cal’s previous adventures in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and get all the Deluxe Edition content as a Perk from December 9 through January 20.

You can pre-order Star Wars Jedi: Survivor now on the Xbox Store to receive exclusive cosmetic items to outfit Cal with, like the Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired Jedi Survival Cosmetic Pack. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members can enjoy a 10% discount on pre-orders. Check out our latest preview here on Xbox Wire and stay tuned for even more information in the lead up the launch of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on Xbox Series X|S.

Diablo IV announces release date and opens pre-orders on the Xbox Store
Daring heroes can prepare to explore the expansive open world of Sanctuary on June 6, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Take on hordes of flesh-hungry demons and brainwashed cultists, hone your abilities and discover masterful equipment, and battle onward against the daughter of hatred herself. Receive early access to the open beta and the Light Bearer Mount when you pre-order any edition of Diablo IV and get early access to the game with the pre-order of the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition on the Xbox Store. Learn more about Diablo IV in our latest hands-on preview here on Xbox Wire.

Gears of War - Fall Guys Asset

Fall Guys and Fortnite kick off celebration featuring Gears of War characters
Fall Guys is set to welcome another set of legends from the video game pantheon into the Blunderdome. Developed in conjunction with The Coalition, Marcus Fenix and Gears of War franchise favorites Kait Diaz and General RAAM are set to proudly take their place among the Bean Horde. In addition, Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz will be returning to the Fortnite Battle Royale Island this week alongside more items from the Delta One Set. Check out our Xbox Wire article from earlier today here for full details.

Company of Heroes III is bringing the battle home to console
Relic Entertainment and Sega announced they’re bringing the acclaimed tactical gameplay of Company Heroes III to Xbox Series X|S next year. Built from the ground up for console, it will feature a unique tactical pause feature (think XCOM: Enemy Unknown) along with a dynamic campaign map featuring theaters of war in Italy and North Africa. As big fans of the original games on PC, we’re extremely excited to see more of this in action. We’ll have more to share soon about Company Heroes III here on Xbox Wire.

Supercharged trailer revealed for Atomic Heart
Focus Entertainment and Mundfish showed off a new trailer for their upcoming game Atomic Heart, the action RPG set in the mad utopia of an alternate post-WWII world. Coming February 21 to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and with Game Pass, the game can be pre-ordered now. Game Pass members can pre-install the game starting now as well. Learn more about the exciting world of Atomic Heart in our latest preview here on Xbox Wire.

Remnant II emerges from the ashes with first-look trailer
Gearbox SF (formally Perfect World) and Gunfire Games revealed that a sequel is in the works to the best-selling game, Remnant: From the Ashes, that pits the last remnants of humanity against the harrowing forces of evil. Remnant II aims to evolve the co-op survival shooter formula with new unseen worlds filled with deadly surprises and encounters when it comes to Xbox Series X|S in 2023. We’ll have more to share soon on Xbox Wire about Remnant II so stay tuned.

First gameplay reveal of Dune: Awakening
We got to witness the epic scale of the upcoming Dune: Awakening in a world-first reveal. The new gameplay trailer showcased the open world survival MMO taking place within the rich universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune, where players can look forward to searching for water, building shelters to withstand deadly storms, and battle for control of spice on the planet Arrakis. If this sounds fun to you, sign up for the beta here at

Replaced Screenshot

Retro-futuristic sci-fi platformer Replaced coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023
Earlier this year, Coatsink and Thunderful made the difficult decision to postpone Replaced. Since the announcement, Sad Cat Studios have been able to regroup and resume work on the game. Tonight, the team shared a glimpse of what they’ve been up to with a brand-new trailer that took a closer look at the game’s world, combat, and music. We’re also excited to reveal that Replaced will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023. Learn more about this exciting new title here on Xbox Wire.

Crash Team Rumble Announced
Heroes and villains of the Crash Bandicoot universe will converge in Crash Team Rumble, facing off in an epic 4v4, team-vs-team Wumpa-collecting, island-hopping championship. Check out the reveal here, which aired during The Game Awards.

Blue Protocol Screenshot

Prepare to explore the dangerous world of Regnas in Blue Protocol
Become the hero of your very own fantasy adventure in Bandai Namco and Amazon Games’ Blue Protocol, an upcoming free-to-play online action RPG arriving in 2023. Explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Regnas in an immersive experience with deep character customization and action-packed combat. Learn more about Blue Protocol here on Xbox Wire.

New gameplay reveal of Space Marine 2
Hard to believe it has already been a year since the big reveal of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2. Tonight, we were served the first extended look at all that gloriously violent Space Marine goodness that made the original game such a thrill to play.

Focus Entertainment shows off Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Following the success of narrative RPG Vampyr, Focus Entertainment and Don’t Nod revealed a new collaboration tonight to bring one of their most ambitious projects to date with the announcement of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. The world premiere reveal trailer showcased the hallmarks of a striking art direction, strong characters and plot, as well as a unique fantasy world. Check out the trailer here.

Get ready to get down with Party Animals in early 2023 with Xbox Game Pass
Get ready to join the party in early 2023 on Xbox and Windows! Party Animals is a physics-based multiplayer game where you’ll face off against your friends as one of several fuzzy fighters, brawling across multiple modes and maps using a variety of hilarious, over-the-top weapons. Check out the latest trailer here from The Game Awards and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more details in the lead-up to its day one launch with Xbox Game Pass in 2023.

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts kicks off pre-orders alongside the reveal of the Deathstalker
Ready to try your skills and your luck against giant beasts like Wild Hearts’ Deathstalker? Join the hunt on February 17, 2023, by pre-ordering the Karakuri Edition now on the Xbox Store and you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your fellow hunters. It includes the base game and six exclusive items. We’ll have more to share soon here on Xbox Wire about Wild Hearts and the Deathstalker.

Enter a ‘90s action movie with Crime Boss: Rockay City
505 Games showed off Crime Boss: Rockay City, an organized crime game, which centers around one Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) who attempts to claim the underworld throne of Rockay City through a series of turf wars, robberies, side stories, playable solo or with friends. The game also looks to be channeling ‘90s action movies by landing a stellar cast that includes Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Damion Poitier, Danny Trejo, and Vanilla Ice (what?!) and the legendary Chuck Norris. We’ll have more to share soon about Crime Boss: Rockay City here on Xbox Wire.

New Hellboy game revealed
Revealed tonight at The Game Awards, Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a rogue-lite action-adventure game with an original story created in partnership with Dark Horse Comics and creator Mike Mignola. Featuring monstrous toe-to-toe brawling, you can look forward to chaining together hard-hitting melee and ranged attacks to fight a diverse array of increasingly nightmarish enemies. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Meet Your Maker starts construction in spring 2023
Meet Your Maker is nearly ready to hand over the keys to its post-apocalyptic wasteland with its just-revealed launch of Spring 2023.This building-and-raiding game will be completely driven by user-generated content. Rather than designing a standard FPS experience, Behaviour Interactive is offering up a devious toolbox of blocks, traps, guards, and more, inviting players to create their own experiences and challenge each other. We’ll have more to share soon about Meet Your Maker here on Xbox Wire.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II shows off Raid Episode 01, Coming December 14
We got our first look at Raid tonight, set to make its debut in Modern Warfare II starting mid-season on December 14.  A squad of three players will need to work as one to successfully infiltrate a hidden submarine dock within the borders of Urzikstan and Al Mazrah. Complete the first episode to unlock the new operator, Gaz. You can check out the Raid Episode 1 Trailer reveal trailer above.

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